Sunday, July 30, 2017

Jack’s Spooky Snickerdoodle Cookies
1 cup melted butter ( I use no salt butter)
1 ½ cups sugar
2 eggs
2 ¾ cups flour
2 teaspoons cream of tartar
1 teaspoon baking soda
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
4 additional tablespoons sugar
4 teaspoons ground cinnamon

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F
Wash and spray 2 or 3 cookie sheets with non-stick spray.
In a large mixing bowl, combine melted butter, sugar, vanilla and eggs. Mix well with whip. In the same bowl, add flour, cream of tartar, and baking soda. Mix well with big spoon. Put in fridge.
In a small bowl, combine the 4 additional tablespoons of sugar and cinnamon.  Mix well.
Remove cookie dough from the fridge. Begin making 1 inch dough balls, rolling each in the sugar/cinnamon mixture until fully coated. Placing each on a cookie sheet 2 inches apart.
Continue until cookie sheet is full. Bake for 10 minutes.
Allow cookies to cool before removing from cooking sheet.
My recipe makes about 20 cookies. They freeze very well.
Hope you like them. Jack.

Jack's Spooky Snickerdoodle Cookies

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Martian - Movie Review

On Mars, Acidalia Planitia – Commander Lewis, Mark Watney, Martinez, and three others are collecting dirt samples.
NASA- Ares III- Landing site- Mission days- Sol-18. A storm is fast approaching. Massive dust-storm. Commander Lewis stops the project. Orders the team aboard the ship. As the six crew members try to reach the Ares 3, Mark Watney is hit by flying debris. Presumed dead.
Five are aboard. One chair empty, Mark’s chair. Commander Lewis orders liftoff, thinking Mark is dead. Ares 3 rockets off Mars’ surface.
Teddy Sanders
Teddy Sanders, Director of NASA, holds a press conference. “Astronauts Beck, Johanssen, Martinez, Vogel, and Commander Lewis reached the Mars Ascent vehicle. Intercepted with Hermes and are on their way home safely. Astronaut Mark Watney was struck by debris and killed.”
On Mars, Mark Watney wakes still wearing his space suit. An antenna is protruding from his midsection. Once inside the compound, he performs surgery on himself to remove the thin, metal shaft, finally stapling his skin closed.
He makes a recording that will take four years to reach Earth. He will be dead in a few months, maybe sooner.
Sol 21- His mission, grow three years-worth of food for himself  on a planet where nothing grows. Luckly he’s a botanists. He can stretch the available food for nearly a year.
Mark builds a garden
Mark builds a hot house and garden
Using his own feces and urine, he makes fertilizer and begins the seeding process. Builds a hot house and plants potatoes.”Sol 36- “Hello there.” Success! Mark’s first potato plants are growing.
On Earth, Teddy Sanders, Director of Nasa. Johnson Space Center, Houston Texas. Vincent Kapoor- Director of Mars Missions, Nasa. Vincent wants to send Ares 6 to Mars to recover Mark’s body and other things. He talks to Teddy about the new mission.
Mission Control, Nasa. Johnson Space Center, Houston Texas. Mindy Park, satellite communications, Nasa. She receives a message from Vincent Kapoor. By photos, they see the solar panels have been cleaned. Rover 2 has been moved on Mars. They know Mark is alive.
Schiaparelli Crater
Schiaparelli Crater
On Mars, Mark makes a plan. The next Nasa mission will be Ares 4 landing at Schiaparelli Crater, 3200 kilometers away, in 4 years.On Earth, the media are now aware that Mark is alive.
With one working Rover, Rover 2, it goes 35 kilometers before needing to recharge at the Hab. Problem A.
Problem B, the journey will take 50 days to complete. He needs to live inside the Rover 2 with marginal life support, the size of a small van.
Mark figures a solution to his heating problem inside the Rover. To run the heater uses too much battery power. He digs up the Radioisotope of Plutonium. And puts the decaying radioactive isotobe behind himself in the Rover. It generates heat.
Teddy Sanders wants a pre-supply ship built in 3 months, impossible, and sent to Mars, nine more months. He will find the money for the overtime.
Mark grew 400 healthy potato plants. The smaller, he will reseed, the larger, he will eat. All natural, organic, Martian-grown potatoes.
Pathfinder on Mars
Mark finds the Pathfinder
Vincent Kapoor knows where Mark is going in the Rover 2.  He flies to, Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Pasadera, California.The crashed Pathfinder on Mars. Mark found it.
 At the lab, everyone looks at the replica of the Pathfinder. Both Pathfinders go online. Mark communicates with Nasa, with “Yes” or “No” signs. Nasa points the camera to the signs.
NASA communicates with signs
NASA communicates by pointing to signs
Mark eats the first potatoes, steamy hot, fully cooked, with ketchup. He will communicate in hexadecimals. Their communication quickly improves, thanks to the smart people of Nasa.Mark wants his crew informed that he’s alive.
The Hermes - 4 months since Mars departure.
Mitch Henderson sends a video to the Hermes crew. Mark Watney is still alive. They’ve known for two months, kept it from them.
Mitch Henderson
Technically Mark has colonized Mars according to The University of Chicago, his alma mater. He has grown food, that’s why. He learns through emails.
There’s an explosion on Mars. His potato plants are destroyed. Space suit is damaged. He has more suits. Greenhouse is destroyed.
Mark chats, via Email, with his crew aboard the Hermes.
Using duct tape and plastic, Mark repairs the greenhouse, sort of.
Nasa skips safety to rush the probe. The inspections are cancelled, Teddy’s orders.
Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Iris Probe. 4 weeks later- Loading the probe.
Cape Canaveral- Iris Probe is launched. Iris blew apart in the sky shortly after takeoff.
The Chinese Space Agency agrees to help. They are building another Iris probe in 28 days.
Rich Purnell
Rich Purnell
Pleiades NASA Advanced Supercomputer. Rich Purnell works Astrodynamics, knows how to save Mark Watney. Project Elrond?Rich tells Nasa his plan. To re-deploy the Hermes around the Earth and back to Mars. Pick up a care package when rounding earth. Dump it on Mars. They will need to use the Taiyang Shen.
The plan is sent to the crew aboard the Hermes. Total of over 900 days in space. They agree to go back for their shipmate, then never fly again.
NASA is in the dark so far, doesn’t know the mission. Teddy Sanders, Director of NASA, wants Mitch Henderson’s resignation when this is over. “Now, let’s go get our astronaut.”
The plan, Mark will use the MAV from Ares 4 at Schiaparelli Crater, placed there by NASA 3 years ago, just waiting. Use that to go into orbit just as the Hermes is passing and they will catch him in space.
On Earth, the second Iris probe launches aboard a rocket ship from China.
The Hermes
The Hermes
The Hermes crew picks up the Iris probe, supply capsule, as it circles Earth. Next stop for Hermes and crew, Mars.7 months later, Mark has lost a lot of body mass due to the reduced calorie rations, grown a beard. Goes by the name, Captain Blondbeard. Mars is technically under maritime law.
His daily schedule, journey until the batteries are low in the Rover 2, sleep as the solar panels recharge the batteries. On his way to Schiaparelli Crater.
NASA’s plan is to reduce the weight of the MAV, Mars Ascent Vehicle, at the crater. Once there, Mark begins removing the parts as instructed. Then covers the spacecraft with a tarp, also as NASA brains requested.
The crew aboard the Hermes prepares for the pickup as they approach Mars.
At NASA, Vincent Kapoor explains, they are 12 light-minutes away from Earth. It takes 24 minutes for a signal to reach earth and back if they have a question. The crew is effectively on their own with this mission.
On Mars, Mark decides it’s time for a shave and a haircut.
MAV, Mars Ascent Vehicle
As the Hermes crew prepares to launch the Mars MAV, inside the spacecraft, Mark becomes emotional to the point of tears. Commander Lewis and her crew will fly Mark to their ship. Mark needs only to buckle-up and hold on.Lewis gives the order. The MAV lifts off from Mars in a blaze of fire, straight up!
Mark passes out from pulling 12 gees.
Commander Lewis advises Houston, they are going to deliberately breach the VAL to produce a reverse thrust. They need the push to catch the MAV, it’s off course.
After the explosion, they’re still 312 meters away from the MAV. In a space chair, strapped to the Hermes, Lewis goes after Mark.
Commander Lewis in space chair-2
Commander Lewis in the space chair
Her strap isn’t long enough. She can’t reach the MAV.Mark rips a hole in the palm of his space suit. Acting like Iron Man, using escaping oxygen for propulsion, he haphazardly flies toward Lewis.
His aim is off, but he grabs her strap.
“Hold on Mark!” she yells pulling the strap, pulling him closer. She grabs him.
The crew of the Hermes reels Lewis and Mark toward their ship.
Lewis reports, “Houston, this is Hermes actual. We got him. Watney is secure.”
Earth is in celebration!
Lewis, “Houston, six crew safely aboard.”
Ares 5 Rocket
Ares 5
Months later on Earth, Mark is an instructor at NASA. He’s teaching his first class, talking about his experiences on Mars, to a full class of in awe cadets.NASA prepares for the Ares 5 mission using the Hermes, 414 days in space.
Ares 5 lifts off, not Lewis, on its way to Mars from Cape Canaveral, with the help of the Chinese Space Program.
The End.
The Martian-2
Due to my fascination with astronomy and space, I found this movie to be very entertaining and interesting. For me, the filming was very believable. It looked like Mars.
The plot line was excellent. I’m so glad Lewis and her crew brought Mark back to Earth safely after leaving him on Mars in the beginning.
My rating: 5 stars
May good fortune guide your path.
J.A. Ireland

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Transformers: Dark of the Moon – Movie Review

We were once a peaceful race of intelligent, mechanical beings. But then came the war between the Autobots, who fought for freedom and the Decepticons, who dreamt of tyranny. Overmatched and outnumbered, our defeat was all but certain. But in the war’s final days, one Autobot ship escaped the battle. It was carrying a secret cargo which would have changed our planet’s fate. A desperate mission. Our final hope. A hope that vanished. 
VLA Radio Observatory- New Mexico, 1961 – Impact Detected
NASA Director at Langley Virginia is notified. Impact confirmed at 22:50 GMT
Secretary of Defense is notified. Lunar impact detected. Deep space track at 22:50 GMT
President Nixon From the Oval Office
President Kennedy in the Oval Office
The Pentagon – National Security Command is notified. Mr. Mc Namara talks to President Kennedy. “Get Bobby in here.” In the Oval office. “We believe a UFO has crashed into the Moon. We think the Russians are onto it as well,” Kennedy’s advisors tell him and Bobby.JFK orders, “Well, then you tell NASA to move heaven and earth. We need to get to the moon.”
“NASA says it will take five years.”
“You get there before the Russians,” Kennedy orders. His goal, “Landing a Man on the moon and returning him safely to the Earth before the decade is over.”
Eight years later, July 16, 1969, Apollo 11 lifts off. Neil Armstrong is aboard from the Saturn V 250,000 miles away.
They land on the moon. First live pictures from the moon.  Tranquility Base reports live. “The Eagle has landed.” 400 million persons watch the live broadcast.
Neil Armstrong steps on the moon. “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”
Neil and Buzz find the alien space ship
Neil and Buzz find the alien space craft
The signal is lost for 21 minutes. The mission is, “Go!”  Neil and Buzz find the crashed machine. A ship, massive, with a metal face. They go inside and collect samples to bring back to NASA.President Nixon calls Neil and Buzz from the Oval office. Extends his, and the nations, congratulations. A call straight to the moon.
The astronauts arrive back on Earth safely. They bring the samples of the alien ship.
Sam and Carly
Sam and Carly
Carly and Sam are in Washington D.C., In their apartment. They have small Autobots. Sam is unemployed. His parents arrive in their motorhome. They’re not pleased that he’s without a job.Narration; In the years since the Autobots arrived on Earth, much has changed. Energon detectors guard the cities now. Long-range defense systems watch the skies.
Middle East- Illegal Nuclear Site. The Autobots fight off an attack. The Autobots search for their true enemy’s return, while keeping the Earth safe.
Chernobyl. Something alien in nature was discovered. Mr. Voshkod and his team inspect the abandoned power plant. Uninhabited since 1986. Won’t be livable for another 20,000 years. Ukraine was very fertile land, before the radiation. The men wear radiation suits as they enter the empty facility.
They are attacked! By Shockwave! Wormlike, Decepticon.
Optimus Prime arrives. He fought Shockwave. The Decepticon quickly flees. “Shockwave wanted an engine part from a long lost Autobot ship,” Prime says. He sees the part Shockwave was after.
Mr. Brazos and Sam
Mr. Brazos and Sam
After numerous interviews, Sam Witwicky lands a job at Accuretta Systems. Mr. Brazos hires him for the mailroom. A global leader in telecom and aerospace. He applied for administration aide.Classified Nest Headquarters - Washington, D.C.  Health & Human Resources Building. The Autobots arrive to the secret location.  The Director of National Intelligence, Charlotte Mearing, is talking with  Colonel Lennox, he’s in charge. The engine part from the lost Autobot ship is there. It has been Director Only clearance at Sector 7 until now.
Optimus Prime is angry the part is in human hands.
Dr. Buzz Aldrin, the astronaut, is there. Only 35 people knew the real plan at NASA for the moon mission. To investigate the alien ship on the dark side of the moon.
Soviets picked up the fuel rod on the moon. A fissionable fuel assembly. Believed they had it mastered at Chernobyl. Tried to harness it at the power plant.
NASA landed six moon missions. Gathered hundreds of photos and samples. Locked them away forever. Top secret. The moon program was shutdown.
The alien ship on the moon
The crashed Ark on the moon
Optimus asked, “Well, did you search the crash vault?” The ship’s name was the Ark. It escaped Cybertron. Captained by, “The great Sentinel Prime, the technology’s inventor.”  Technology that would have won the war. Sentinel Prime commanded the Autobots before Optimus. He must find it before the Decepticons find it.
Dylan Gould
Dylan Gould
Sam visits Carly Spencer at her job to tell her the good news—he got the job. Dylan Gould is her boss. Carly helps run the collection of antique cars. He restores them. Dylan called Accuretta Systems and got Sam his job.Xanthium approaching Tranquility Base. Ratchet and Optimus are on the moon. They enter the Ark. Locate Sentinel. Bring him home to Earth.
Megatron in Africa
In Africa, Megatron has a camp. There are other Decepticons. Soundwave, the bird, reports, “Autobots took the bait. Discovered the Ark. Returned with its cargo.” Soundwave tracked the ship to the moon.Megatron orders, “Laserbeak, kill them all.” “With pleasure.” Laserbeak begins killing the   NASA and CCCP employees that knew about the top-secret mission on the moon, to find and investigate the alien space ship.
Dylan Gould gave Carly a Mercedes SLS AMG, a $200,000 car.
Laserbeak is at Accuretta Systems reeking havoc. A Decepticon, they’re back. He’s trying to kill Sam.
Later, Sam and Carly enter Health and Human Resources Building in Washington. Director Mearing took possession of the five devices that were hidden in the ship with Sentinel Prime. They’re prototype Autobot technology. Sentinel was the Einstein of his civilization. The five devices are locked up. No one gets to them. No one gets access.
Director Mearing sees Colonel Lennox, Carly, and Sam.
Sentinel Prime
Sentinel Prime is there. He’s in sleep mode. Optimus awakens him with his Matrix. Only Optimus can do it. He asks about Cybertron? Now a barren wasteland. “Where are the pillars?” Sentinel askes. He saved Five out of hundreds. Including the control pillar. “The ability to reshape the universe, together the pillars form a space bridge.” Sentinel designed and alone can control them. Teleportation devices that defy the laws of physics.The Decepticons would use the space bridge to destroy earth.
The O’Reilly Factor; The author of, Code-Name Hero, Seymour Simmons. Special Agent Simmons goes after Megatron, after a call from Sam.
Carly wants out. No more fighting Decepticons. She breaks up with Sam and leaves.
Agent Simmons and Sam look for two Russian cosmonauts in a CCCP pub. One explains, “In 1959, Russian’s Luna 3 took pictures of the dark side, the shadow side. Nothing.
In 1963, Luna 4  sees hundreds of strange rocks around a ship. With drag marks.”
Sam says, “It’s the pillars. Alien pillars for a space bridge. The Decepticons raided the ship before Apollo 11 got there. Hid the pillars. The Decepticons still need Sentinel. They have the pillars. They are coming for Sentinel Prime! Optimus was the only one who could revive Sentinel.”
In Washington,  “For the sake of their planet’s survival, a deal had to be made with Megatron,” Sentinel said. The Autobot began wrecking the building, OPS control. "Return what belongs to me!” He wants the five pillars. Sentinel hit the vault! Took the pillars!
The 101st Airborne is called. Hunt down Sentinel.
Megatron sits on Lincoln's Memorial
Megatron sits on Lincon's Memorial
Megatron shoots Lincoln’s statue. Sits in Lincoln’s chair, in the memorial in Washington.  Sentinel uses one pillar to open a space bridge. “For Cybertron! For our home!” The Autobot wishes to join with the Decepticons. He and Optimus Battle. Briefly. Optimus loses. Sentinel wishes to be a God again, like on his planet before the war. Sentinel stops fighting, flees. Didn’t kill Optimus.
In 1972, two Decepticons came to Dylan Gould’s father. He did some creative accounting and made the space program too expensive for America and Russia. The Decepticons have been Gould’s clients ever since.
Sam is to be a spy, close to the Autobots. He is to track down Optimus. “What’s his strategy? Tactics?” He’s to ask the questions. A Decepticon wrapped around his wrist, as a watch, is a spy. Communicates with Megatron. Soundwave is there, also.
200 Decepticons are hiding on Earth. Energon detectors locate them all over the planet.
Sentinel sends a Global message
United Nations receives an encrypted audio file from Sentinel. “Defenders of Earth. We have come for your natural resources to rebuild our damaged planet. When we have transported all we need, we will leave your world in peace. For such peace to exist, you must immediately exile the Autobot rebels you have harbored. Nonnegotiable. Renounce the rebels. We await your reply.”At the Capitol, legislation is passed to exile the Autobots from American shores. The U.S. military alliance with them is officially over.
Xanthiun, brought the second wave of Autobots. It’s been under NASA’s care and study ever since. Deport nine Autobots in this ship.
The Autobots drive to the Xanthium. Some are transported. Sam asks Optimus for his plan. “There is No plan. Your leaders have spoken. From here, the fight will be your own.”
Bumblebee says goodbye to Sam. The Autobots are aboard the Xanthium. NASA launches the spacecraft.Megatron blows the ship up, high in the sky. It falls to earth in a fireball. The Decepticon on Sam’s wrist, crawls away, he’s free. Everyone works for the Decepticons now.
Chicago, Illinois- A call comes in from Trump Tower, lower penthouse. Dylan Gould has Carly there. The Decepticons are shipping their planet to earth. People will be slave, labor force. Six billion workers.
Bring Cybertron into Earth’s atmosphere. Sentinel has hundreds of pillars. Spreading them around the globe. Launch into orbit. The red one controls the rest. Trigger that one, the reaction begins.
Downtown Chicago under Attack
Decepticons attack downtown Chicago!
Decepticons attack Downtown Chicago. A war zone.At the Packard Motel, in Chicago, Sam and his friends, including Epps, drive into the city. See the devastation.
The Autobots are back. They take the battle to the Decepticons, in the name of Freedom! They hid in the first booster rocket to separate. Splashed down back in the Atlantic, just as planned. They’re strategy; the element of surprise.
Sam goes after Carly at Trump Tower. He’s attacked by Soundwave, the bird. He rescues Carly. The couple gets a message to Director Mearing of National Intelligence, telling her team about the pillars on top of the building on the Chicago River owned by Hotchkiss Gould Investments. Chicago is ground zero. Sentinel Prime is there. The pillars are to his space bridge. Now, the pillar that controls everything is in the southeast cupola. Destroy the pillar. Shoot down the pillar or they’re going to transport Cybertron here, do you understand?
As Director Mearing sits in a daze, her team goes to work.
Optimus battles Shockwave
Optimum battles Shockwave
The battle rages in Downtown Chicago! People and Autobots vs Decepticons, Shockwave is there.Optimus battles Shockwave.
“Decepticons around the world, launch the pillars,” Sentinel orders.
The pillars are launched!
“Activating the bridge,” Sentinel says.
The battle continues. Humans go after the Decepticon’s eyes.
128K binary encryption code. Bridge down. Seymour hacked the code and brought the bridge down, Dutch Seymour. He thought.
Megatron prepares to kill Bumblebee. Autobots come to the rescue.
Sentinel on the Hotchkiss Gould Investments Building
Sentinel atop the Hotchkiss Gould Investments building
“It’s our world now! Commence transport!” Sentinel shouts.The beam connects Earth to Cybertron.
The battle rages in Chicago, downtown.
Optimus shoots the Hotchkiss Gould Investments Building. The beam is shut down. “Get down here, Sentinel!” Optimus shouts.
Optimus and Sentinel battle.
Sam goes to the pillar. Also the men charge the pillar.
“Decepticons fire at Optimus!” Sentinel orders.
Epps yells, “I need those Tomahawks Now!”
Dylan and Sam fight at the pillar. Dylan restarts the pillar.
Carly talks to Megatron
Carly tells Megatron, "You will be Sentinel's Bitch!"
Carly talks to Megatron. Tells the badly injured Decepticon he will be Sentinel’s Bitch!As Sentinel is about to kill Optimus Prime, Megatron attacks Sentinel. “This will be my planet!”
The pillar is still connected.
Bumbleebee rips down the pillar, breaking the space bridge. A black hole consumes Cybertron.
Optimus fights Megatron. A quick battle. Optimus ripped off his head. Megatron is dead!
Optimus kills Sentinel, shoots him in the head—twice.
Sam and Carly reunite, hug, and kiss after the battle, in the ashes.
Optimus Prime
Optimus Prime
In any war there are calms between storms. There will be days when we lose faith. Days when our allies turn against us. But the day will never come that we forsake this planet and its people.The End.
Transformers: Dark of the Moon is an incredible movie. It defines scifi.
Who doesn’t love Optimus Prime?
My rating: 5 stars
May good fortune guide your path.
J.A. Ireland

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Transformers: Age of Extinction – Movie Review

Optimus Prime Fans,
The Transformer series is one of my favorites. Here's a Transformers movie review for you. I hope you enjoy reading it.
Transformers are attacking the earth during the dinosaur era. The great reptiles are being changed into metal machines.
The Arctic- Darcy and her excavating operation from KSI (Kinetic Solutions) of Chicago, Ill. U.S.A. unearthed several frozen metal dinosaurs. “I think history is about to change,” Darcy proclaims to her crew in the frozen ice world. Mr. Joyce, owner of KSI, sent her on this mission to investigate the reports of metal dinosaur discoveries and report back to him in his Chicago Headquarters.
Transformers Age of Extinction
Chicago – Cade Yeager, owner of Yeager Research and Development is standing next to his old truck. Lucas Flannery drives up speedily in his economy beater and jumps out; he was at South Padre Beach. “I came as soon as I could, Boss. The serf was flat anyway. Do you have a paying job for me this time, boss? An actual paying job?” Lucas asks with concern and skepticism.
Cade responds, “Do you have any cash?”
“Well, yes I do,” Lucas replies with question.
“There you go,” Cade finishes.
Mexico City - Since 1928 an old theatre has been in the family- Grandaddy ran it all his life. Lucas discovers an old tractor truck inside the rundown auditorium. There are several fired mortar shells hulls in the cab. Cade borrowed $150.00 from Lucas to purchase the old tractor truck in the theatre. They towed it back to Chicago.
Yeager Robotics in Chicago – repairs small home robots. Cade and Tessa Yeager, his seventeen year old daughter, build robotics in their large garage. Cade’s wife Emily is deceased.
The battle of Chicago is on Headline News. Congress ended all operations between the military and the Autobots, ending the alliance. Attinger, “As this committee knows, the invasion of Chicago was a defining day for our nation five years ago. The day millions of people realized that never again can we allow aliens to fight our battles for us. A handful of Autobots were given sanctuary after joint combat operations were abolished. Fewer than a dozen Decepticons are still on the run. Thanks to our CIA unit. “Cemetery Wind.” The age of the Transformer is over.”
A Transformer rises out of the swamp.
Medical Officer Ratchet
Medical Officer Ratchet being fired upon
The military finds Medical Officer Ratchet and open fires. He’s a transformer. He was hiding on an abandoned cruise ship. He says he’s a friend; an Autobot. “Optimus sent this distress message: Calling all Autobots. We are under targeted attack. Cease all contact with humans. We’re all hiding. All Autobots are being hunted. We’re all in danger.”
“Where is Optimus Prime?” the military officer asks.
Meanwhile at CIA Headquarters: The President would like specifics about how the CIA is hunting the enemy Decepticons and how many are left.
Mr. Attinger has been in the CIA for 25 years. “Black Ops. No Specifics.” The war will be over soon.”
Cade has discovered his old truck is an old Autobot. It transforms into Optimus Prime. Cade begins making repairs on the damaged Autobot.
CIA – Paris Texas, Cade Yeager was spotted towing the old tractor truck away from Mexico City. Attinger, “Scramble Cemetery Wind.” His team is on the move.
Optimus Prime Injured
Optimus Prime is Injured
Cade is making repairs to Optimus. His spark was almost damaged; his life force and memories was almost hit. “It’s like our soul,” Cade says.
“Dad!” Tessa yells as Attinger’s group drives onto their property; accompanied by a chopper. Tess fearfully watches from the front porch of their dilapidated old farm house. The group swarms the unsuspecting Yeager home. Optimus hides.
“Mr. Yeager, my name’s James Savoy. I’m a Federal Agent. My men and I are trying to track down an abandoned truck.”
When no one cooperates, Savoy threatens to kill Tess. Optimus Prime comes to their rescue. Tessa’s twenty year old boyfriend, Shane, drives up speedily in his fast car. They escape in his car. But the battle continues. Out of guilt, Lucas admits he turned Cade in for money. There’s a reward for turning in Autobots to the gov’t.
Lucas is killed in the battle. Cade, Tess, and Shane escape when Optimus transforms back into the old tractor truck and drives them back to the desert. Finally the Autobots know Optimus is alive. “There is Hope! Mr. Leader of the Free Galaxy is Back!” There are only five Autobots left.
“Autobots, Lockdown is hunting us,” Optimus reports. “And humans are helping. We need to know why.” They are on the move back to Chicago.
Mr. Joyce and Darcy
Mr. Joyce and Darcy at KSI
Chicago – KSI ( Kinetic Solutions ) Headquarters Top Secret Military Wing. Mr. Joyce is the owner. Darcy has returned from the Arctic Expedition and is reporting to her boss, Joyce. “The metal machines caused the dinosaurs to become extinct 65 million years ago. KSI has discovered the metal that the alien machines are made of.
Wembley is a scientist for KSI. “Transformium. That’s what we’re calling it. Programmable matter.” Mr. Joyce has mapped it’s genome. It can be instructed. We can change anything into anything.
KSI’s Military prototype is Galvatron, the fifth iteration, modeled after Optimus Prime. “He looks like Megatron. Algorithms! Math! Why can’t we make what we want to make?” Joyce screams.
Cade, Tessa, and Shane drive past the front gates and into KSI Headquarters; in Autobot cars.
Attinger retired from the CIA, received a seven-figure piece of Joyce’s (KSI) and they revolutionize national defense together. He must deliver the Seed; that’s the deal.
Cade Yeager is captured. Attinger asks him, “Where’s Optimus Prime?” Upon hearing this, the Autobots quickly invade KSI. Optimus orders, “Distroy the lab! Distroy it all!”
Galvatron Attacking Innocent person
Galvatron Attacking Innocent person
The order is given. “Transform Galvatron! Stinger on Line!” In minutes. Galvatron and Stinger are on the move. “Engage! Transform!” 200 meters.
Galvatron Kills innocent people as the battle rages; at Mr. Joyce’s dismay. “Pull Galvatron back!” Attinger orders.
Tessa and Optimus are captured in a net and pulled into a space ship hovering above. Onboard the alien machine ship, Tess escapes. She looks for Optimus.
Optimus is in the Knights’ Temenos as a captive of Lockdown. Lockdown’s deal with Attinger; “One Optimus Prime for one Seed. Handle it with care. I trust your species is ready!”
Lockdown, “Engage dark – matter drives. Full Power.”
They have 10 minutes to find Tess and get off Lockdown’s ship before it leaves Earth; spaceship powering up.
Cade and Shane find weapons and discover how to use them. Tessa is fighting off robots that are trying to capture her; one robot has a three foot long, slimy tongue. Soon all three escape the ship on cables high in the air to a building. Robot dogs peruse them on the cables. Bumble Bee rescues them.
Lockdown on his Spaceship
Lockdown on his Spaceship
Optimus Prime left Lockdown’s ship in an escape pod as it took off from Earth.
Mr. Joshua Joyce wants the Holy Grail, the Seed, delivered to his Guangzhou, China facility. He considers Galvatron a failure. The robot was out of control. Megatron’s mind is in Galvatron. Megatron reincarnated!
Now the Autobots, Cade, and team go after the Seed.
Beijing China – Mr. Joyce wants to detonate the Seed in the Mongolian desert, next month. The purpose is to create Transformium; enough for 100 years.
Lockdown discovers that Optimus Prime escaped. He rockets back to Earth.
Five million shares of KSI stock – Attinger receives for delivering the Seed to Mr. Joyce; Joyce suddenly has second thoughts. Galvatron becomes active all by himself. He begins making more transformer robots and takes control of KSI China facility. Galvatron, “Go find my Seed. Detonate the Seed in the largest city.”
Joyce tries to get away before the Seed explodes. The battle rages in Guangzhou China. Soon Lockdown arrives on the scene.
Optimus Prime and the Metal Dinosaur
Optimus Prime and the Metal Dinosaur
Prime realizes they need reinforcements. “Recognize one of your Knights. Optimus speeks a foreign language.” The Knight Rises! The Giant Metal Dinosaur awoke . Optimus battled with it for it’s obedience. “You defend my family or die.” Soon many great metal dinosaurs join in the great battle.
The battle is soon won by the Autobots, with the help of the metal dinosaurs. Optimus orders, “Take the Seed safely to the hills.”
Lockdown arrives at earth. He turns on a giant magnet and draws metal into his ship. He’s trying to suck Optimus in. Then dropping the metal.
Optimus Prime
"I Am Optimus Prime"
Beijing China – Optimus Prime and Lockdown meet and the battle begins. Mr. Joyce tries to get the Seed out of the city. Cade tries to help Optimus but Attinger gets in his way; tries to kill him. Prime sees the altercation and blows Attinger away.
After being sent away by Cade, Tessa and Shane return to help. Everyone fights Lockdown together. Tessa and Shane pull a sword out of Prime’s chest. Using the sword, Optimus cuts Lockdown in half; killing him. Lockdown pukes as he dies. “Honor to the end,” Optimus Prime.
“We shall meet again Prime for I am reborn,” a dark Decepticon said then flew into space.
“I am Optimus Prime and this message is to my creators; Leave planet Earth alone. ‘Cause I’m coming for you.” He flies into space.
The End
Hope you enjoyed my review.
My rating: 5 stars
May good fortune guide your path.
J.A. Ireland

Monday, April 18, 2016

Apostle Peter and The Last Supper – Movie Review

This is a sad but glorious movie. It takes place in a Roman prison cell. Peter, the old man is waiting for his execution at the hands of Roman soldiers.
Apostle Peter and The Last Supper
67AD- The Emperor Nero Decreed That The Followers Of Jesus Christs Be Hunted And Persecuted For Their Beliefs.
The leaders of this new faith were sought above the rest as rebels against the empire. Imprisoned for being of Jesus Christ. A religious fanatic. Simon Peter of Galilee, the Fisherman.
Peter Prays in his cell
Peter Prays In His Prison Cell
Peter is in the Roman prison and prays, “Father thank you for this chance to suffer for you. Thy will be done."
Martinian, the Guard, wants to question Peter about Jesus.
Processus, the other guard on duty, catches them talking but agrees not to report the transgression.
Later a demon visits Peter in his cell. Tempts him. Peter rebukes him with scripture.
Martinian the Roman guard
Martinian The Roman Guard
Martinian continues his interview with Peter about Jesus… Jesus said, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one gets to the Father but through Me”… He had power over storms. Healed the lepers. Made the dead rise… I knew him as a man… Peter remembers when he first met Jesus, the man....
Jesus said, “You are Simon, son of John. You will be called Peter. Who do people say that I am?”
James answered, “John the Baptist, or Elijah, mostly a prophet.”
Jesus asked Peter, “Who do you say that I am?”
Peter replied, “You are the Christ, The Son of the Living God.”
They witnessed as Jesus healed many people including his mother-in law.
While in his prison cell, Peter hears a rooster crow. It reminds him of when he denied Jesus three times. He was instantly saddened.
The other guard, Processus, continues the interview. Both guards are becoming more and more intrigued about Jesus as Peter speaks.
The Last Supper
The Last Supper
As both guards listen, Peter tells the story of the Last Supper. ..They all sat at the table. Laughing. Talking. Because Jesus was still with them. Jesus entered the room. He sat. Prayed. “This is my body. It is broken for you. Do this in remembrance of me.” He passed the bread around to the disciples.
“Drink from this cup all of you. This is my blood of the new covenant which is shed for the forgiveness of sins. Do this in remembrance of me.”
Afterwards, Jesus washes the disciples feet. Then announces a traitor in their midst. A betrayer.
Satan the deceiver had entered into Judas. Promised him great riches for his betrayal. Later, Jesus forgave Judas.
Judas hung himself in the presence of the same demon that was repeatedly in Peter’s cell tempting him.
Jesus on the cross
In the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus is captured by the Roman soldiers.
Jesus was crucified.
Martinian now understands that Jesus sacrificed himself for all mankind’s sins. Even his.
Peter saw the empty tomb. The Risen Lord. Peter walked with Him. Talked with Him. Ate with Him. He Is Alive!
Martinian’s wife, Novella, confesses she has already accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior and received his forgiveness for her sins. She wants Peter’s blessing.
Peter Praising God
Simon Peter Praising God For The Saved Souls
Processus and Martinian both accepted Jesus’s forgiveness for their sins and declared him Lord that day.
Novella received Peters blessing for her body so she might have a child.
Saul of Tarsus is being brought into the prison.
Simon Peter says, “Take me to Jesus. I can’t bear to be away from my Lord another minute.” The guards painfully escort Peter to his execution.
The Risen Lord
The Risen Lord, Jesus. With His Disciples. Before He Ascended
Jesus says, “Peace I leave you. My peace I give you. Not as the world gives it, for in this world you will have many troubles. But take heart for I have overcome this world. I am the way. I am the truth. I am the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. Everyone who asks will receive. He who seeks will find. To him who knocks the door will be opened. Do not let your hearts be troubled. Do not be afraid. Remain in my love. Again I say, remain in my love. And surely I am with you always to the very end of the age.

The End.

This was a very sad story with a glorious lining. Peter’s life came to an end. The Apostle Paul was next to be executed. Processus and Martinian both received Jesus as Lord and savior and had their sins forgiven.
I hope you enjoyed my review of Apostle Peter and The Last Supper.
My rating: 5 stars
May good fortune guide your path.
J.A. Ireland

Sunday, August 30, 2015

JA's Third Book Is Available On Kindle

Rydon's Fall

Dear fantasy fiction fans,
The third book in my Maxx Zeqster Creepy Cases series, Rydon's Fall is available on Kindle.
Rydon's Fall is a book about Rydon Nekuma, Art's father, and his tragic circumstances. He is a sailor with a gambling problem. Due to his plights and the excessive storms at Tos-Xiron, the seaport on Sesla, his life takes a tragic turn for the worst. He gets doxer fever. Then takes a terrible fall.

In this novel, we're introduced to Lulzen Nekuma, Rydon's sister and Art's aunt. Also introduced, Dream Quest; the reality show.
This book as well as all my novels are available for free on Kindle Unlimited. Transport to J.A.'s Kindle page.
I hope you have the opportunity to read them all.
Until we talk again.
May good fortune guide your path,
J.A. Ireland